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Platform Introduction

Research Issues
  • Forward planning of technical researches and strategies :
    • Inventory of the historical results about research and commissioned projects in ARDSWC
      • To evaluate the feasibility of the projects’ prospects
      • To evaluate the feasibility and proposal of the projects’ applications
    • Trend report of research and technology development
      • Future trends of applications from annual innovative researches
      • The required skills for interdepartmental cooperation
    • Suggestions of research and technology development for soil and water conservation
      • The suggested developments for the prospects of existing projects
      • The applying suggestions of future trends and technic developments in ARDSWC
    • Concepts and motivations of innovative research projects
      • In order to chase the forward-looking concepts and technologies from different experts, ARDSWC seeks and subsidizes proposals of innovative research project every year.
  • Integrating information and importing the latest tools/skills:
    • 3D modeling and applying of UAV
    • Application of Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Integration of GIS data and systems in ARDSWC
  • Application and development of numerical models:
    • Hydrologic and hydraulic model
    • Debris flow model
    • Slope stability model
    • Model integration platform
    • Warning system of sediment disaster
    • Application of remote sensing information and GIS data
  • Technical support and training:
    • Technical support and training for aerial photograph taken by UAV and digital image processing
    • To establish a platform for professionally technical training
    • Translation and guided reading of international technical manuals
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